Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sudden Death

I wanted to call your attention to my latest column for UU World. It's called "Sudden Death" and is a meditation on aging and decline.

I used to post links to my columns on this blog so that people would have a place to comment, but the UU World web site allows comments now.

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Anonymous said...

A cry for help from the sticks of NM! (unusual sticks--Los Alamos, NM with a UU church full of lost Humanist scientists from the Los Alamos Nat Lab and a young fresh well meaning top rated grad from Meadville-Lombard that may be sinking fast! We are probably the last congregation in the herd to go through the Humanist vs. whatever debacle and we've got it in spades due to the nature of the members and having had a wiz bang Humanist minister for 25 years previously. Somewhere I came across your paper "The Shape of the Next Religion" where? and thinking of it a little along with Hawking's new book--is this the key to bring us all back together here?? I'm an innocent retired RN granny with little time or intellect for all this. Just want to get us on a right track. Does your paper describe what the UUA etc is pushing when it talks of diversity, multicultural, etc? Microenvironments, multi universes, etc? Do you have something more written that pulls it all together? I'm in over my head. Don't know how to get to you, but I sure don't want this published!! Joyce Carlson carlson66@comcast.net