Monday, November 16, 2009

The DIY Spiritual Practice

My latest column is up. It describes a spiritual discipline my wife and I have cobbled together and practiced for the last 21 years. This would be a good place to comment on it.


Strange Attractor said...

Really beautiful practice. I wonder if I could talk my husband into it.

Doug Muder said...

One thing I should add: This kind of practice works best when both spouses are relatively equally verbal. If one of you can talk rings around the other, then conversation is a turf where one is empowered and the other isn't.

That's one of the things-about-us that makes our practice work. We're both reasonably good at wrapping words around our experiences.

Joy said...

This totally would not work for me as half a couple... I can run rings verbally around the DH so that wouldn't be fair. I wonder if I couldn't do this myself daily. Backwards through the day. I find my time running away from me at times. Cool thing the DIY.