Thursday, April 30, 2009

That's Aphasia!

(to the tune of the Dean Martin classic "That's Amore!")

When you want to say "Hi!"
But then -- who is that guy?
That's aphasia!
When the words that you know
Seem to drift through the snow
In your brain.

It's a stop
On the drop
That will take us all down
To the Big Home.
At this stage
Of our age
It's as normal
As ... Whatzisname's Syndrome.

There's a name for your ill.
Don't forget it -- you will.
It's aphasia.
Backs get old, so do brains.
They crack under the strains
Of the years.

So when sentences halt
Please don't let the fault
Shock or ama-aze ya.
Just be grateful for all
The words you still recall
With aphasia.


Tom Stites said...

Rhyming "amaze ya" with "aphasia" is spectacular. I see a new career unfolding.

Alan MacRobert said...

My wife Abby the biologist sings the eel identification lesson:

"When the eel lunges out,
And he bites off your snout,
That's a moray."